Peking University, China, Tuesday, July 10, 2024

On Wednesday, July 10th, Korea University's Office of International Affairs was visited by a delegation from Peking University from China. The delegation was consisted of:

  1. Prof. GONG Qihuang, President
  2. Prof. PIAO Shilong, Vice President
  3. Prof. CHU Xiaobo, Director of Office of Social Sciences
  4. Prof. WANG Dan, Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages
  5. Prof. YANG Lihua, Deputy Dean of Graduate School
  6. Prof. LI Yuning, Secretary General of Education Foundation
  7. Prof. HU Xinlong, Director of Convention Center
  8. Prof. LI Yun, Director of Office of International Relations
  9. Prof. LI Tingting, Dean of Department of Korean Language and Culture
  10. Ms. LU Jiao, Deputy Chief of Division for Exchange Programs of Office of International Relations
  11. Mr. TIAN Mengxuan, Program Officer of Beijing Forum Secretariat

The delegation was greeted by:

Prof. Dong-One KIM, President

Prof. Chuck YOO, Executive Vice President for Research 

Prof. Jun KOO, Dean, College of Political Science and Economics & Graduate School of Policy Studies

Prof. Heon-Jeong LEE, Vice President, Research

Prof. Sang Kee SONG, Vice President, International Affairs

Prof. Moon Jung SONG, Vice President for Office of Graduate School 

Prof. Dong Chion ZANG, Head of Korea University Chinese Studies Institute

Prof. Jung-Nam LEE, Director of Center for Chinese Studies & Professor, Asiatic Research Institute

Prof. Tae-Ung EOM, Dean, Department of Korean Language and Literature; Director, Korea Language Center

Prof. Hohyun LYU, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature; Professor in Charge, Institute for Digital 


Mr. Donghyun (Jeff) JANG, Director, Office of International Affairs

Ms. Myunghwa JEON, Associate Director, Exchange & Study Abroad Programs 

The purpose of the meeting was to participate in MOU Signing ceremony for research collaboration, discuss collaboration further possibilities between departments and institutions. The meeting concluded with the exchange of gifts and photos.