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홈버튼 International Collaboration International Organization APRU





About APRU

APRU is a consortium of 50 leading research universities in the Pacific Rim. The consortium aims to foster cooperation in education, research and enterprise thereby contributing to the economic, scientific and cultural advancement of the Pacific Rim.





Established in 1997

APRU's establishment was envisioned by Professor Steven B. Sample, President of University of Southern California, former University of California, Los Angeles Chancellor Charles Young, former California Institute of Technology President Thomas Everhart and then University of California, Berkeley Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien.


APRU began with 34 charter members with the declaration: "The objective of this association of chief executive officers of premier universities around the Pacific Rim is to help these institutions become more effective contributors to the development of an increasingly integrated Pacific Rim community."


The first annual meeting of presidents took place in Los Angeles from 1 to 3 June, 1997. Twenty university leaders attended this meeting.




As the only network of leading universities linking the Americas, Asia and Australasia, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) is the Voice of Knowledge and Innovation for the Asia-Pacific region. We bring together thought leaders, researchers, and policy-makers to exchange ideas and collaborate on effective solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.


Chair: Professor Gene D. Block, Chancellor, University of California, Los Angeles



Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides leadership for the association. Members of the Steering Committee are presidents elected from member universities in the Americas, Asia and Australasia. The APRU Chair heads the Steering Committee.



Secretary General and the Secretariat

Currently based in Hong Kong, the Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General Dr. Christopher Tremewan. Please click on the website for more details (www.apru.org)