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Korea university Office of international affairs

홈버튼 Introduction OIA Staffs Int'l Mobility & Cooperation Team

Int'l Mobility & Cooperation Team

The International Mobility & Cooperation Team (IMCT) of the Office of International Affairs at Korea University deals with all aspects of developing and overseeing relationships with KU's partner universities around the world. The IMCT is also in charge of outgoing Korea University students.


In addition, the IMCT monitors the universities international programs and administers an internal communications network which promotes inter-department collaborative projects. The IMCT also oversees KU's participation in international networks such as U21 and APRU and the President's Office protocol.


The team is also heavily involved in promotional activities both internally and externally, to increase participation rates in Korea University's many study abroad programs.




Int'l Mobility and Cooperation Team Staff

Mr. Jeff DongHyun Jang
  • Director, International Mobility and Cooperation
  • Mr. Jang is responsible for supervising the activities of the International Mobility & Cooperation Team


Ms. Myung Hwa Jeon
  • Associate Director
    • Coordinating student mobility programs for China
    • Strategy and Marketing
    • Supporting business tips and speeches for the president
    • Advising and liasing matters related to China on campus
    • Planning and supporting the delivery of International engagement events between KU and Chinese partner universities
    • Coordinating protocols and agreements


Ms. Yoo Ra Jun
  • Associate Director
    • Coordinating student mobility programs for Europe
    • Protocol for visiting European universities delegates
    • Planning and supporting the delivery of International engagement events between KU and European partner universities
    • Visiting Scholar Programs to Germany and Italy
    • Managing Asem-Duo Scholarship
    • Planning and supporting Erasmus+ Program


Mr. Sanghyun Lee
  • Associate Director
    • Comprehensive planning and management of international affairs
    • Organizing new projects or international events
    • Preparing for a business trip overseas of the President & Vice President for International Affairs
    • Managing statistics and internationalization indicators for domestic and international university evaluation
    • Preparation for weekly, biweekly, monthly, semester, and annual reports on International Mobility & Cooperation Team
    • Managing budget of International Mobility & Cooperation Team


Dr. William H. Stewart
  • Associate Director
    • Stewarding a portfolio of over 1000 agreements and managing relationships with global partnerships
    • Reviewing and drafting both new and continuing agreements
    • Introducing the university to partners and visitors via presentations, campus tours, and official communiques
    • Representing the university at international conferences and events and publicizing its activities
    • Serving the liaison for KU’s membership in international organization such as APRU, U21, VIU, iCUBE, The World 100 Reputation Network, etc.
    • Supporting the President and Vice President of International Affairs with international protocol, speeches, letters, etc.
    • Issuing bi-monthly Newsletter(online)


Ms. Sooyeon Park
  • Manager
    • Coordinating student mobility programs for America
    • Strengthen collaboration with American universities
    • Protocol for visiting American universities delegates
    • Planning and supporting the delivery of International engagement events between KU and American partner universities
    • Visiting Scholar Program and Foreign Language Teaching Fellow Program in USA
    • Managing KU International Opportunity Scholarship


Ms. Heejin Hong
  • Manager
    • Coordinating student mobility program for Asia&Oceania.
    • Supporting business trip for Asia & Oceania.
    • Promote International affairs program
    • Management social networking(Instagram, Youtube), International mobility team website.
    • Attending International organization (APAIE, IEAA)