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Korea university Office of international affairs

홈버튼 International Collaboration International Organization U21





About Universitas 21

Universitas 21 empowers students and staff from 27 world-class universities to share excellence, collaborate across borders and nurture international knowledge exchange. We value cultural difference, connect together perspectives from around the world, and harness the collective expertise of our exceptional institutions to benefit all of our members. Our dynamic approach has helped nurture a global network of over 1 million students and 200,000 staff, inspiring institutional innovation for over 20 years.





  • Established in 1997, Universitas 21 engages in a number of activities, informed by our core underlying principles:
    • a global focus and perspective
    • a commitment to excellence in all we do
    • a commitment of those involved to collaborative and co-operative work and spirit while ensuring there are clear outcomes
    • a determination to achieve added value
    • a constant striving for innovation and the creation of multilateral opportunities for members
    • sustainability of activity


All Universitas 21 member institutions are research-led, comprehensive universities providing a strong quality assurance framework to the network's activities.

Click on the website for the more details, (www.universitas21.com)