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홈버튼 International Collaboration International Organization APAIE





APAIE is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to activate and reinforce the internationalization of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and to engage the professional challenges of individuals in international education.

APAIE is a constituent-led organization made up of individual members. It has a steadfast membership of more than 1,000 international education professionals - from professors to rectors to international exchange coordinators. APAIE is dedicated to serving and representing this membership.


APAIE is for senior administrators whose goals and aspirations seed academic excellence in the Asia Pacific region and believe these goals and aspirations can and should be shared internationally. APAIE is for personnel in academic institutions whose responsibilities are dedicated to international exchange and education. APAIE is for international relations officers concerned with enlightening the education enterprise. APAIE is for higher education funding council members who aspire to implement creative funding internationally. APAIE is for education consultants with a passion for the Asia Pacific region and internationalism.


APAIE is scholarly, judicious, and mercurial and offers opportunity.





The mission of APAIE is to achieve greater cooperation amongst those responsible for international education and internationalization in Asia- Pacific institutions and to promote the quality of international programs, activities, and exchanges for the harmony and the advancement of the Asia-Pacific region. The Association promotes dialog and cooperation between institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and those outside the region. Towards this aim the Association devotes itself to the principles of mutual respect, diverse and representative membership, and collective progress.


APAIE seeks to bring together international educators active in Asia-Pacific higher education and other relevant organization to promote communication, networking, and professional development. The Association would like to facilitate the exchange and mobility of students, staff and scholars, and the advancement of academic collaboration inter-regionally. APAIE strives to provide a channel for benchmarking for the advancement of members and their institutions, to recommend good practices and policy in cooperation with various institutions and agencies, and to effectively represent the views of its membership with regard to international education.