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Venice International University




About VIU

Venice International University (VIU) is a global consortium of 19 universities and institutional partners who all share an autonomous campus on the island of San Servolo, Venice Italy, providing an innovative platform transnational education, to build awareness across borders, encourage participation and promote international cooperation.


  • 18 Universities
  • 12 Countries
  • 3 Continents
  • 1 Unique Global Experience


venice international univ.



Looking for the adventure of a lifetime?

As the newest member of the Venice International University (VIU) Consortium, Korea University invites you to the remarkable island of San Servolo, within view of the famed St. Mark’s Basilica across the Venetian Lagoon, to teach, study and live in the unique environment of Venice, Italy - a place with a truly remarkable cultural heritage in an ecologically fragile environ


Once the monastic home to Benedictine monks and nuns for over 500 years, and later used as a military hospital and sanatorium, the island is now the home of VIU, a consortium of 18 universities jointly sharing the mission of offering exceptional academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, research programs and projects, and topic-specific training programs. Taking advantage of its international membership each program is intentionally developed across disciplines, languages, and cultures, making interdisciplinary studies a hallmark of the VIU experience.



Globalization Program (Exchange Student Program)

Students are invited to join a cohort of 150 students from member universities to come to Venice to take part in VIU’s Globalization Program. Students can attend one or two semesters as part of their home university degree program. Course offerings are taught in English from visiting professors from member universities. Each course receives Korea University credit. Courses focus on three themes, Italy, Cultures of the World and Global Challenges.


Interested students may apply for this program during the selection process for KU’s exchange student programs each semester.



Graduate Programs

VIU also has opportunities to support graduate students in developing their knowledge, skills and transversal competencies through its International PhD Academy and Interdisciplinary Training and Professional Skills series. During this intense program participant take part in workshops that include project management and financing. Topics covered include The Value of Networking, Science and Money, Communicating your Science, Ethics in Science and Job Searching Skills. In addition, VIU offers graduate students thematic intensive seminars on a variety of focused topics from a multidisciplinary perspective.



Opportunities for Korea University professors to teach at VIU.

With relatively small classes, exceptionally motivated students from all around the world, teaching at VIU combines the unique experience of living and working in Venice while being part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary academic community. Korea University is able to send two teaching professors to VIU, for one semester each, per year. Visiting professors will teach two courses during one 15-week semester, receiving a travel and accommodation allowance. Visiting professors will also receive access to the City of Venice’s cultural institutions, museum and local scientific community resources. Professors are also offered the opportunity to be affiliated with one of the local member universities in the Venice Metropolitan area.



For more information application dates and deadlines please contact:

  • Korea University contact:


For more information on VIU’s academic calendar and programs please visit: http://www.univiu.org/



Members of Venice International University: 18 Universities / 12 Countries / 3 Continents

  • Citta Metropolitana di Venezia (formerly Provincia di Venezia)
    • Founding member
  • Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia
    • Founding member
  • Universita Iuav di Venezia
    • Founding member
  • Duke University
    • Founding member
  • Ludwig Maximilians Universitat
    • Founding member
  • Tel Aviv University
    • Joined in 2000
  • Waseda University
    • Joined in 2003
  • Tsinghua University
    • Joined in 2005
  • Boston College
    • Joined in 2006
  • National Research Council of Italy
    • Joined in 2006
  • Universita degli Studi di Padova
    • Joined in 2012
  • European University at St. Petersburg
    • Joined in 2013
  • University of Lausanne
    • Joined in 2014
  • Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique - INRS
    • Joined in 2014
  • Univeriste de Bordeaux
    • Joined in 2015
  • Universita degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”
    • Joined in 2015
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
    • Joined in 2016
  • Korea University
    • Joined in 2018