University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, March 12, 2024

On Tuesday, March 12th, Korea University's Office of International Affairs was visited by a delegation from the University of Nottingham from the United Kingdom. The delegation consisted of:

Prof. Shearer WEST, President and Vice Chancellor

Prof. Nigel MONGAN, Oncology, Director of Global Engagement for the Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Lucy COOKER, Education, Director of Global Engagement for the Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. Dong-Hyun KIM, Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy

Prof. Tao WU, Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Ningbo Campus

Prof. Xu SUN, Industrial Design and Manufacturing, Ningbo Campus

Mr. David OUCHTERLONIE, Associate Director, Global Engagement

Mrs. Julie ZHU, Manager, International Relations, East Asia

Mr. Rav KALSI, Principle Executive Officer

The delegation was greeted by:

Prof. Dong-One KIM, President

Prof. Chuck YOO, Executive Vice President for Research 

Prof. Sang Kee SONG, Vice President, International Affairs

Dr. William STEWART, Associate Director, International Cooperation

Mrs. Yoora JEON, Associate Director, Exchange and Study Abroad Programs (Europe)

Prof. Eulsik YOON, Vice President, School of Medicine

Prof. Ho Sung SON, Vice President, Medical Planning and Budget

Prof. Seongbeom PYEON, Dean, School of Medicine

Prof. Hakjun KIM, Dean, Medical Research

Prof. Sunwook HWANG, Vice Dean, Medical Research

Prof. Yonghoon KIM, Faculty

Prof. Byeongjo KIM, Faculty

Prof. Jiyoung PARK, Department of Pharmacology

Prof. Okhee JEON, Department of Convergence Medicine

Prof. Minseok KIM, Department of Medical Sciences

Prof. Jae-Jun SONG, Department of Otolaryngology

Prof. Willion H. CHOI, Department of Medical Sciences

Prof. Minsoo LEE, Department of Psychiatry

Prof. San-Eun CHOI, College of Pharmacy

Prof. Younghoon KIM, College of Medicine

The purpose of the meeting was to foster international cooperation and exploring opportunities across various departments at Korea University in addition to the University of Nottingham with a special focus on medical research in precision imaging as well as UN SDG 3. The meeting concluded with the exchange of gifts and photos, in addition to a dinner banquet hosted by the College of Medicine.