University of Tsukuba, Japan, May 10, 2024

On Friday, May 10th, Korea University's Office of International Affairs was visited by a delegation from the University of Tsukuba from Japan. The delegation consisted of:

Dr. Jun IKEDA, Vice President and Executive Director 

Mr. Mizuho SEKI, Deputy Director, Global Affairs

Ms. Makiko TAKAHASHI, Chief, Global Commons

The delegation was greeted by:

Prof. Sang Kee SONG, Vice President, International Affairs

Mr. Donghyun JANG, Director, Office of International Affairs

Mr. Sangheon NAM, Senior Manager  for incoming exchange/visiting students, Global Services Center 

Ms. Heejin HONG, Manager, Exchange and Study Abroad Programs (Asia and Oceania)

The purpose of the meeting was to foster international cooperation by sharing more information regarding fully funded internship and educational opportunities. The meeting concluded with the exchange of gifts and photos.